Young People’s Concert

Young People’s Concert & Fine Arts Discovery Day 

January 24, 2020 at Memorial Auditorium

The Young People’s Concert supports the mission of the WFSO by working collaboratively with educators to provide a live concert experience to area 5th graders in a real concert hall setting. The concert is held at Memorial Auditorium and takes place during the regular school day. The WFSO also provides a unique curriculum companion to the Young People’s concert, designed to enhance the overall concert experience.   _____________________________________________________________________________


The Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra invites all of your 5th grade students, to join us for 45 minutes of fine music.  The music director will introduce the instruments of the orchestra in the string, wind, brass, and percussion families.

NEW THIS YEAR  an exciting partnership with the Arts Council and Region 9 will bring the Young People’s Fine Arts Discovery Day to you! Your students can attend the concert at Memorial Auditorium and then travel to the incredible facilities at Region 9 Service Center (301 Loop 11, Wichita Falls) to experience fine art’s exhibits, presentations, and activities promoting discovery in the arts. Presentations will be give by local theatre companies, dance groups, music groups, as well as visual artists. These artists will provide an up-close and personal look at their specialty for your students to experience in a small group setting. The Fine Arts Discovery Day will run in concurrently with the Young Peoples Concert.  Schedule options are listed here: 

Schedule #1:  9:30am-10:15am Young People’s Concert at Memorial Auditorium (arrive at 9am) then 11:00am-12:00pm Fine Arts Discovery Day 

Schedule #2:  9:00am-10:15am Fine Arts Discovery Day at Region 9 Service Center  then 11:00am -11:45am Young People’s Concert at Memorial Auditorium (arrive at 10:30)

ADMISSION IS FREE in fulfillment of the WFSO’s mission to enrich, educate and entertain diverse audience in the Texoma community. We hope to foster an interest in live symphonic and choral music.  A curriculum program has been developed to accompany this concert and is available on this page. 

RESERVATIONS: Reservations for Young People’s Concert and Fine Arts Discovery Day will be handled on a first-come basis on receipt of your registration form. Approximately 3,000 people will attend the concerts, including 1,100 students from the Wichita Falls ISD.  To accommodate varying schedules, two concerts have been scheduled. Each class must have their own teacher(s) and chaperone(s) in attendance. All efforts will be made to accommodate your first choice.     




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