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Ceci Lagarenne was born and raised in a small town in the Catskill mountains of New York State listening to big bands, Broadway shows and classical music (especially from the Romantic era) due to her father’s impressive and varied record collection. Piano lessons began at an early age, flute lessons followed, self-taught guitar was in the midst of all that, and then the oboe happened when she was in 7th grade. Her band director gave her an oboe and a reed and said, “Here you go, see what you can do with this.” A half hour later, she started her lifelong love and career on the oboe. She has a degree in music education but after a few years of teaching elementary music in public school, she found her calling teaching private oboe lessons. Being proficient on the other members of the oboe family: English horn and oboe d’amore, has given her opportunities to play a great variety of wind, choral and opera repertoire in addition to the great orchestral music we love. Ceci has been a member of the Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra since 1993.