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The WFSO strives to impact and educate children of all ages. By offering a Kindermusik program in the Texoma Community, children will have an opportunity to get ahead in all areas of development, while they discover a deep love of music in the process.

Kindermusik is an international research-based music and movement curricula. Learn more at the Kindermusik Website.

Kindermusik not only teaches music concepts, but it aims to develop the whole child. Students will advance in whole-body movement, gross-motor and fine-motor skills, cognitive and sensory function, and expressive and receptive language.

The current classes are most appropriate for children ages 18 months to 4 years old.

Yes! This class is just as much for parents as it is for the children. Parents will learn valuable tips to help their child learn at home. Digital materials are also available to anyone enrolled in a class.

Classes begin April 2023. Check the class list below to see the available class offerings.

The cost is $60 for a 4-week class. Semester class prices will be announced in the summer.

Yes! Adding a sibling will cost $40 (a 25% savings!)

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Sound Garden

Bringing Arts & Culture to all who live here.

The WFSO is proud to serve in the Wichita Falls and the Texoma Community, bringing arts and culture to all who live here.

The WFSO, along with generous funding from the Wichita Falls Arts Council, has installed a music playground, or sound garden, in Lucy Park at the pavilion and playground past the swimming pool. Fun for all ages, these instruments were installed so children and adults can discover and explore music together in an outdoor setting. Positioned amongst the natural beauty of the park, the sounds of these durable instruments will ring for generations. Discover and create beautiful music yourself by visiting Lucy Park today!

Wichita Falls Youth Symphony

Wichita Falls Youth Symphony Orchestra

The mission of the Wichita Falls Youth Symphony Orchestra is to provide music educational opportunities that lead to exceptional group performances and a lifelong appreciation of music. One of the ways the  Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra supports the Youth Symphony Orchestra is through their Apprentice Program which allows students to play alongside their mentor at a WFSO concert each season.  Information about the Wichita Falls Youth Symphony Orchestra programs can be found on their website at the link provided here.