Suggested Tasting Steps

  1. Look     |  Hold the glass at an angle over a white surface and look through the wine. What are the colors you see?  Is the wine opaque? Is it clear?
  2. Swirl    |   Swirl the wine in the glass by the stem to release aromas.  This aerates the wine and allows it to “breathe” and release it’s unique bouquet.
  3. Smell    |   Place your nose at the edge of the glass and inhale/smell the aromas several times. 
  4. Sip    |   Sip and swish the wine in your mouth and swallow. Chew the wine like gum on your second sip, this will open up new flavors on your palate. Pay attention to the mouth feel. How does it feel on your tongue? A very tannic wine will make you feel like your tongue is dry. On the second sip, pay attention how the wine tastes at the back of your tongue: this is the “finish”.