Will Coppoc

Will Coppoc plays double bass for the Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra. He’s rather new to the orchestra. He began playing with the WFSO in the 2016/2017 season. Will also plays the electric bass, and every now and then, the piano.

He received a Bachelor’s in Music Performance from the University of North Texas (where He graduated summa cum laude) and a master’s in performance and pedagogy from Oklahoma State University.

Will grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Both of his par-ents have musical talent. They exposed him to music from an early age, encouraging him to take piano lessons, and later to enroll in school orchestra. Music of many styles could be heard both at home and in the car.

He says that he owes so much of his success in music to his parents, wheth-er for taking him to lessons every week or providing him with quality instruments.

His interest in music began with his taking piano lessons from age five. He remem-bers hearing music from movies and tele-vision as a kid, and watching to be able to play the music for himself at the piano. Unfortunately, he didn’t want to practice. His mother had to sit with him to make sure that he practiced every evening. However, his attitude toward practice began to change when he discovered the double bass in school orchestra. It was the beginning of a passion that is still quite strong.

His first musical memory was from his first piano lesson, which he remembers quite distinctly. He remem-bers being less excited by the piano, and more excited by his teacher’s pet perrot, which she would occasionally al-low him to feed.

When Will was a teenager, he had the great for-tune of living in Cairo, Egypt for several years. One year he was asked to play double bass for a Christmas pageant at a church he attended. Before the service started, someone told him to make sure that he stayed out of the path of the camel. That was the first he had heard of any camel, and he had no idea what this person was talking about. But sure enough, once the service began, here came one of the Wise Men on camelback. And of course, the camel parked itself right in front of him, and he played the ser-vice from behind the camel. It was certainly an interesting experience for him.

His first concert with WFSO was a pops concert featuring The Midtown Men. He remembers how friendly and humble the four gentlemen were to him and the other members of the orchestra. He says It was refreshing to work with such easygoing and talented guest artists. Will very much appreciates the orchestra, its conductor, and supporting staff. He is also grateful to the patrons who attend concerts and help support the organization in its desire to bring quality art to the community.

In addition to WFSO, Will plays with the 77th Army Band, which is his primary, full-time job. He also plays some with the Lawton Philharmonic, The Oklahoma City Philharmonic, The Tulsa Symphony, and the Symphony of Northwest Arkansas. In addition, He play for three different churches, as well as with the Oklahoma Baptist Sym-phony, a volunteer group.

He enjoys many genres of music, including classical, jazz, rock, and country, although he has a par-ticular affinity for film music. His favorite composer changes quite often, but he says it is probably Ralph Vaughan Williams.

In his free time, you will usually find him reading. He enjoys many genres of books, from thrillers to science fiction, and also non-fiction. He is also an avid book and music review-er on Amazon. In addition, he likes to spend time with his friends and family.

Thanks to the WF Symphony League for proving our musician spotlight.