Monthly Archives:August 2016

Philip Chisum began playing the cello at the age of 9 and played throughout school as he attended Jefferson Elementary, McNeil Junior High and Rider HS. One of his favorite performance experiences was playing in the Texas Tech Symphony—his last concert was a performance of Mahler’s 2nd Symphony, a very moving experience.

Some of his favorite music includes compositions of Rachmaninoff, Shostakovich and Mahler—the romantic era is by far his favorite in classical music. He also enjoys listening to, as well as performing, chamber music.

He loves playing his cello, gardening, and reading about political philosophy—as well as historical events and economics. He’s also starting to read some about raising dairy goats so that he can start a small family farm with his wife Sarah.

Be sure to gaze at the cello section to find this rising young cellist.