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Constructed in 1927 as a replica of the State Fair Music Hall in Dallas, Memorial Auditorium is a beautiful historical venue seating up to 2,700 people. Situated atop a bluff overlooking the Wichita River. The last area Native American battle took place on this same bluff only ten years before the auditorium’s construction. Memorial Auditorium has hosted entertainment giants Will Rogers, Elvis Presley, Gene Autry and Bob Hope. Today, the auditorium is home to the Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra and plays host to comedians like Ron White and Jerry Seinfeld, touring Broadway productions, and musical greats such as B.B. King and Willie Nelson.

Concert Seating at Memorial Auditorium

Seating Chart

Concert Seating at Akin Auditorium

The Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra brings symphonic music to a new, more intimate venue.  Akin Auditorium is located on the beautiful campus of Midwestern State University.