Legato in Times of Staccato

Music has an amazing way to connect people in any circumstance.  There is something about it that seems to bring us closer together when we listen, play or sing together. While we cannot be with you in person at the concert hall through this storm, we are committed to find other ways to connect.  We will provide a weekly play list for you, “Legato in times of Staccato”, curated by Music Director, Fouad Fakhouri.  Simply click on each of the titles on the list below to view a special music selection. Also included each week is a Spotify playlist for you to enjoy all the selections together. 
 We invite you to participate each week by sending us music (from any genre) that you have found comforting and uplifting. We hope that through music we can encourage each other through these uncertain times. Send your play list additions to us at info@wfso.org. Preferable formats are YouTube and Sound Cloud clips, or just share the title and artist or composer and we will do our best to find it!


Playlist #25 – Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

   Curated by Music Director, Fouad Fakhouri 

The Music of John Williams


Tuba Concerto

Trumpet Concerto

Cello Concerto: I. Theme & Cadenza

Empire of the Sun – Suite

The Accidental Tourist – Theme

Born on the Fourth of July

Home Alone – Soundtrack Suite

Suite from JFK

Nixon – The 1960’s: The Turbulent Years

Minority Report – Anderton’s Great Escape

The Adventures of Tintin – Theme

Catch Me If You Can

Schindler’s List – Jewish Town Krakow Ghetto, Winter ’41

The Terminal – A Legend is Born

Artificial Intelligence – Hide and Seek

Munich – Prayer for Peace

Memoirs of a Geisha – Becoming a Geisha

Harry Potter – Hagrid the Professor

Seven Years in Tibet – Main Theme

The Patriot – Main Theme



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